Vintage Handrolled French Linen Handkerchief


We are pleased to offer a small number of genuine vintage French linen handkerchiefs dating from the late 1940s.

These were part of a delivery of vintage French textiles which came with an original receipt from 1950, meaning they were made at some point in the late 40s.

The quality of linen is incredibly fine and delicate with beautiful cording, the name given to the woven lines around the border.

These particular handkerchiefs came to us still on their original roll, as one continuous length of fabric. After a careful soak to remove any storage marks, they were then cut to size and carefully hand-rolled along the entire hem before a gentle press.

These are not optical white and there may be some variation in natural colour commensurate with age. In our opinion this is what makes them special. 

Available in three sizes.

  • 100% linen.
  • Made in France, hand rolled in England.
  • Sizing is approximate, please expect some variation.